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Evolution and the Spirit from 26 Letters

Leslie Connito

August 26- September 8

Opening Reception August 26 4-6PM


Leslie Connito has created a room where viewers can experience what may or may not be real. The room contains a collection of paintings and an installation which reflects a discussion of the evolution of biology, history, education, and the human spirit, through her use of her mixed media painting style and an installation. Impermanence, rhetoric, education, communication, language, phonetics, and sound are considered.


Further description of the work: This new series began in early 2016 and is part of an ongoing “Evolutionary” series which began in 1993. It is a particular series of 15 is based on the oldest living organisms on earth. These creatures are not conventionally examined and hold keys to our existence on the planet. They contain abilities that enable them to survive for much longer than we realize, and their existence dwarfs the evolution and longevity of humans. Some creatures such a the Bowhead Whale live up to 200 years, the Bristlecone Pine is known to live to 4,500 years, and the Immortal Jellyfish ages and then reduces its life to immaturity, therefore living forever. 

This particular series also deals with mankind’s obsession with words and sounds, and communication. The words are produced in oil paint and encaustic and dictate the Merriam Webster phonetic spelling and its sound or pronunciation. They are chosen randomly, such as in Disco, spelled “Disko”, which contain many disc shaped quahogs. New studies are proving that all living things are said to have the ability to communicate, even trees, much of the time through sound. 

The use of the chalk board symbolizes a human teaching method. The chalk reflects the nonpermanent tangible objects, and the lessons learned might be the long lasting ideas obtained and remembered through the communicated ideas. 

Materials: Encaustic wax, cold wax, graphite, paper, stencils, oil paint, chalk, paper, pastel. 

The Artist: Leslie Connito has been producing oil paintings since 1980. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and attended a semester of study in Paris in 1983 with the Parsons School of Design at the American College. Her work showed there at the fairly prestigious student gallery. She received her first solo show awarded by the Maryland Institute in 1984. After graduation, she studied painting and art history in New York at Hunter College and worked in Manhattan, while living and painting in Hoboken NJ. She had several group shows and two solo shows in NYC at the 55 Mercer Gallery. Presently, she is a member of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, the Katonah Museum Artist’s Association, the Provincetown Artist Association and Museum, Studio Montclair in NJ, and the Ridgefield Guild of Artists. 

Leslie Connito taught Art Appreciation in Hoboken, NJ and will be teaching a drawing class and a painting class in Ridgefield Continuing education. 


In 2016, Leslie published three children’s books and two children’s e-books available at and Amazon, and in local book stores and libraries. She is also a writer of Murder Mystery dinner parties of which she has written and performed 14.